Sitting comfortably? Maybe you shouldn't be

15 February 2015


Max Cooper
Max Cooper

Sitting comfortably? Maybe you shouldn’t be

A look ahead to the exciting tech coming out this year

The year began with a pretty impressive CES 2015 that filled me with the anticipation of a kid at Christmas, and even a month after they kicked the last tech geek out of Las Vegas, I’m still bloody excited.

Within this post you’ll be able to read about the pieces of tech that get me up in the morning.

If you’re looking for an opinion on Windows and Samsung products, you won’t find any here. I’ve been strictly Apple since they released the iPhone and haven’t looked back since.

Oculus Rift

As I write this, some of our staff are playing about with a Virtual Reality Dodo case.

The Oculus Rift is more than likely going to take the gaming market by storm. But not only this, there are endless markets it can break into. Car manufacturers are using it to promote their newest models; I’ve even heard rumours about a ‘Golf Driving Range’ application, and we all know it’s a matter of time until it’s flooded with X-rated material.

I, like many, jumped on the bandwagon of the Nintendo Wii and the Xbox Kinect, which provided me with great entertainment for both Christmas and Boxing Day, but the lack of variety soon took its toll and it wasn’t long until it was gathering dust in the spare room. The most soul-destroying element of our relationship was when I realised that you can achieve the same effect when you lie back on your sofa and wave your hand at the TV, extinguishing any excitement I once had.However, it’s safe to say the Oculus Rift is inundated with potential that the Wii and Kinect could only dream of; and I may or may not know someone, who may or may not work at one of the big gaming companies who says they may or may not be doing ‘something big’ with Oculus Rift. For now, we must wait, but with a rumoured price of just \$200, I’m sure they’ll be flying off the shelves.


I enjoy keeping fit. This normally involves a daily trip to the gym and weekly 5-a-side football. Unfortunately, cardio is not my strong game, otherwise I’d be more than happy with the amount of equipment out there to assist any and all types of cardiovascular exercise. Despite there being nothing in the pipeline, I am forever waiting for the day there is an app or wristband (I’ll even settle for a helmet) that measures and analyses weightlifting performance. Unfortunately, nothing of this sort seems even remotely close to being developed and thus I continue to log my own progress through a series of apps that are really not that great.

I refuse to believe that we will see any mind-blowing functionality from the Apple Watch after their far-from-impressive ‘health’ app, which debuted alongside iOS 8, but there are some rather weird and wonderful tech products coming available in 2015.

Quell offers to banish pain, which is great for those of us that have often struggled to get out of bed post-leg day. More importantly though, Quell seems like a viable and attractive alternative to stop reliance on prescription medicine to temper chronic pain.

Belty by Emiota is definitely one of the weirder products in 2015. Quite simply, it’s a belt that adjusts throughout the day depending on how stuffed you are. Weird? Yes. Wonderful? Maybe. But I’ll certainly be questioning the sanity of anyone who’s buying this product. Maybe you have too much money?

Finally, one of the pieces of kit that I’m most excited for is Upright. A discreet, wearable device that sits comfortably on your lower spine and tracks your posture. The founder says it needs to be worn for no more than an hour a day, in which time it will produce subtle vibrations whenever the user is slouching to remind them to sit ‘upright’. It’s due to start shipping in June and, being a bit of a ‘sloucher’, I’m very keen to get in early and try it out.

All Things Apple

Finally, I couldn’t write an article about tech without mentioning my beloved Apple. If you saw my set up at work, you’d quickly notice that I enjoy the odd Apple product. 2014 gave us large smartphones - some might say a little too large - but even my somewhat child-like hands are able enough to deal with the iPhone 6.

I was once the proud owner of an iPad Mini. But after acquiring the sizeable iPhone 6, I lovingly gave it to my mother, who has been battling with a Kindle Fire for the better part of 3 years; bless.

2014 wasn’t a bad year for Apple, but there hasn’t been a keynote speech quite like that one in 2007 (will there ever be a better one in tech, it’s a bit of a seminal benchmark!).

It’s a long shot, but maybe 2015 has the potential to match that beautiful announcement. The Apple Watch keynote was pretty exciting, but I don’t want to make a full judgement until I am able to get my hands on one. We all loved the iPhone because it revolutionised the mobile phone, it was a step change; the watch isn’t this.

Will I buy one? Probably not. I’m not as confident for the watch as I was for the phone, so I may see how it fares among my peers, and if it turns out to be worth it, then I’ll buy one.

Apple is highly unlikely to stop at wrist wear. We can be sure to expect some form of iPad upgrade but I feel it’s hit a bit of a dead end. They’ve made it faster, clearer. thinner, and smaller, and now I wonder what on earth they’re going to do with it next.

A new OS always excites me. I was pretty impressed with iOS 8, especially the ‘Hey Siri’ functionality. There’s still a lot they could do with their OS, and I hope to see another glimpse of this in iOS 9.

I haven’t gone into detail about the 6s, because, to be blunt, I don’t care. I tend to stay away from the S’s and upgrade every 2 years. I’m sure the 6s will have a couple of features that the 6 doesn’t, but they’re never fascinating enough to make me switch.

What tech are you most excited about for 2015? Let us know on Twitter.

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