60 seconds with... Stewart Bromley

22 July 2015


Stewart Bromley
Stewart Bromley

60 seconds with… Stewart Bromley

1 minute with our Director of People and Customer Experience where we asked him whatever we wanted


I’m the Director of People and Customer Experience. Basically, I’m developing the value system of the company and I’m here to make sure that’s fully embedded both externally for our customers, and internally for our people and therefore creating a symbiotic relationship between the two.


Maths at Warwick University.

My brain has always worked in logical and strategic ways so it’s one of the things that came very easily to me, but saying that, studying Maths at Warwick was like learning a new language.

Previous jobs

Straight out of university, I joined Ford. During my 2nd day at the company I was flown to Cologne, and found myself jetting around the world. Thinking back, I only spent 1 or 2 days a month in the UK.

After Ford, I joined O2 due to my fascination with mobile. After this I spent a year or 2 on other projects and soon ended up at first direct. It was a fascinating job during which I created the first digital centre of excellence for HSBC across Europe, which I then ran for 3 years.

After first direct I set up my own consulting and coaching practice. I’ve been a professional coach since 2003. I’d recommend anyone running their own business to get involved as it teaches you so much.

If you could own any pet, what would you own

My kids have owned snakes in the past and, assuming they don’t count (either the kids or the snakes!), then I’d own a sloth, to remind me that there is always a slower pace to life.

When are you at your happiest

It’s normally when I’m either at home with the family, or when I’m mentally challenged. Luckily, I often find myself in a situation combining the two.

Favourite holiday location

I wouldn’t say I had a specific favourite. I have lots of memories in lots of different places. I love to explore and meet new people.

Guiltiest pleasure

There are an awful lot of things that give me great pleasure, of which none give me guilt.

The most valuable ‘thing’ you own

My piano. It’s been with me since before I started work and assisted me through my years as a semi-professional jazz musician. It’s given me great pleasure, and will be with me until the day I die.

Song at your funeral

Assuming I get cremated - Great Balls of Fire.

Celebrity lookalike

An off-colour Shrek.

Toughest thing about your job

The relentless pace is simply breathtaking. It’s so exciting that you can’t help but get dragged into it all and due to this the other parts of your life suffer.

If you weren’t in finance what would you be doing

I’d likely be busking. Given this opportunity I’d do away with the corporate life and go back to my musical roots.

Advice for graduates looking to do what you do

As a trained coach I don’t believe in giving advice as what works for me might not work for you. However, with this said, make sure the values you embed into the business are clear both internally and externally.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given

Trust your instincts.