“Hey Siri”

10 September 2015


Max Cooper
Max Cooper

“Hey Siri”

We walk you through some of the highlights of Apple’s latest products. Mmm…Rose Gold

So if you managed to escape the world of social media for a few hours last night, you may not have noticed that Apple announced the release of a few products. Or maybe that’s exactly the reason you stayed away from your Twitter feed. Either way, we’re here to tell you about everything that happened at Apple’s Event on 9th September 2015.

It started off as normal, Tim Cook coming out on stage looking like a kid on Christmas Eve. Smiling from ear to ear, super excited to reveal what he has behind his curtain, and so he should be.

However, the build up was a little slow, with the updated Apple Watch software, watchOS2, first on the agenda. There were a few tweaks such as including an enhanced Siri experience, FaceTime audio calls, and a series of new straps and watch faces. They didn’t spend too long on the watch, which was good as I was starting to lose interest.

Apple TV

The next announcement was Apple TV. But this wasn’t your ordinary Apple TV, with limited apps and a pretty dull user interface. No, this was so much more. The new Apple TV, also called Apple TV, puts a whole new spin on the TV experience.

User Interface

The new user interface slightly mirrors Apple’s iOS 9 style, which is certainly a lot flatter and simpler than its predecessor. The home screen allows you to see apps you’ve recently used, set aesthetically pleasing screensavers and carry out a universal search, allowing you to explore films music and games. Yes, games … with a touch of a button.

Touch Remote

The Apple TV remote has had a significant make-over. Its glass touch surface allows you to swipe through content as you would on an iPhone, which eradicates any unnecessary touching of buttons. The remote control also contains a microphone for those times when you want to talk to Siri. Yes, that’s right – Apple TV now comes with Siri, and she… He… It… is a lot wiser. Siri is able to tell you who is starring in a movie, and show further information about sports scores and the weather, all whilst watching your favourite film. If the user was to ask Siri “What did he say?” because your partner is one of those that chats through the most important part of the film, then Siri will rewind the film back 15 seconds to ensure you don’t miss anything. The remote control is also Bluetooth enabled, so there’s no need to point the flicker at the screen.

App Store

Apple has introduced the app store to Apple TV, which means the user will not have to just make do with the option of preloaded apps. They will be able to search and download a whole host of TV playing apps, but they’ll also be able to download games. Not only is Apple enhancing the TV experience but they’re also putting their own spin on gaming. It’s unsure whether Apple is attempting to challenge the likes of Xbox and PlayStation but it’ll certainly be popular among large parties and children. With the remote acting similarly to a Nintendo Wii remote, the possibility of games are endless. And Beats have had the obvious head start, as they look to introduce games that are out to test your musical rhythm.

All in all, a completely enhanced TV experience, and a whole new meaning to the phrase “Netflix and Chill”.

iPad Pro

The iPad Pro wowed a few last night for a number of reasons, most of which were good. Firstly, their 12.9 inch display impressed the audience at first, but after chatting on for 5 minutes about an extra few inches I started to zone out. With a display clearer than any iPad, iPhone and even the retina MacBook Pro, it certainly looked good as it was unveiled to the audience. It was bigger, and it was more beautiful, but does this warrant an extra \$300 for the new device?

With such a sleek display it was already on its way to being a great movie playing device. Apple have played to that by adding an extra 2 speakers, with 2 speakers on either side of the iPad. This enhances the iPad as a multi-media playing device but there’s still the question of how does it enhance productivity. Well it seems Apple have thought about this and done what they think is right.

The Apple Smart keyboard is a brand new addition to the iPad. It’s built into the Smart Cover and connected via a three-dot smart connector. A great accessory for those who spend the majority of their time on the iPad typing, but it does raise the question “why not just use your laptop?”

iPhone 6S/iPhone 6S Plus

Like many, the announcement of the iPhone 6S was the reason I was watching the event, even though I had no intention of buying one. I’ve never been tempted into buying the S model, however for the first time since 2007, that’s changed!

As you could have guessed, the design hasn’t changed much, with both the 6S and the 6S Plus mirroring their predecessors. They have introduced Rose Gold as a new colour option alongside the 3 originals that came with the 6, and I must say, it looks beautiful.

But lets move onto the stuff people really care about.

3D touch

3D touch builds upon Apple’s pressure sensitive touch technologies and it has now incorporated this into all areas of the iPhone. Quick-read an email, open an app’s drop-down menu or show your recently called contacts. It’s certainly going to augment the user experience by making it simpler and quicker.

Live Photos

Another feature that excited me was Apple’s live photos which quite simply turned each photo in a brief 2 second video. Imagine a GIF and a short video clip and that is what Apple are providing. Simply touch the photo and it will play. This can also be implemented into the home screen and makes for some beautiful captures.

Improved Camera

It wouldn’t be an iPhone announcement without an upgraded camera, and this time they’re holding nothing back. With a new 12 megapixel camera the iPhone 6S shoots beautifully, and ensures to get as much colour as possible out of each photo. As well as this, they have also introduced a video camera that shoots 4K video which may make a few people question whether they really need their SLR that is gathering dust on their top shelf.

All in all it’s a significant improvement on the 6S, but I, like many will likely have to wait for the 7, which I’m already excited for.

It was a very interesting event for Apple. Many raised the question “Would it be like this if Jobs was still at the helm” with the introduction of a keyboard and a stylus to the iPad. A few commented that maybe they were trying to convert those who are currently using windows tablets or a Chromebook. Safe to say, Apple are heading in a slightly different direction than we thought they were going a year or 2 ago, but they’re still creating flawless products that will no doubt have queues out the door of each Apple store.