My first day

28 October 2015


Max Cooper

My first day

The dreaded first day for our Marketing Analyst, so how did it go

Not long after receiving the job offer I was preparing for my first day. This time I knew what I was wearing - plain shirt, jeans, and a top knot … yes I’m that guy. The day before I was expected to start, I received an email saying we would be located at Durham Cricket Club just for our first day, which I later found out was because we didn’t yet have our own offices and we’d been told to find somewhere else for the day due to a capacity issue. Safe to say, I was rather intrigued to spend a day in Durham Cricket Club.

Monday morning came round, and like any new starter, I set my alarm far too early and ended up sitting around twiddling my thumbs until I thought the hour was reasonable enough to leave. With plenty of time I punched the postcode of Durham Cricket Club into my sat nav and set on my way. I analysed the drive-in closely, noticing shortcuts and which lanes moved quickest in the traffic.

My sat nav warned me I was 30 seconds from my destination and the butterflies started to set in. I turned the corner to find a smallish establishment with very few lights on. With around 6 car parking spaces, 1 of which was filled, I decided to have a quick scan of the area. Turns out I arrived at Chester Le St Cricket Club. Not a horrible establishment whatsoever, but quite a stretch from the 17,000 capacity Riverside Ground. With this in mind, I punched the postcode in to my trustier iPhone and realised I was around 15 minutes away with 15 minutes to spare. I had no time to waste, so I put my phone down and rushed over to the temporary Atom offices.

I got there just in time, and upon arrival Mark greeted me. This time, aware of who he was, I avoided insulting his shorts. I took a seat around the table and was taken around to meet the employees, luckily as employee number 9, this didn’t take too long. Upon settling in I was introduced to the Regulatory Business Plan. A document that certainly isn’t the easiest read. From this I got an understanding of the Atom offering, who we were, what we stood for and what we were looking to achieve. Before 9am, I had next to no idea how a bank worked, and by the end of the day I felt more than comfortable working in one.

5 o’clock was closing in fast and I did a little round-up of my day. The people were cool, and by that, I mean they weren’t what I had in mind when I thought of ‘bankers’; the opportunity was incredible, and what was to come seemed incredibly exciting. All in all, an impressive first day. So as on a standard first day, I waited until I was told to go home, in case it turned out that these digital bankers worked through the night. Little did I know, this was to come.

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