Don’t stop me now

06 May 2016


Stewart Bromley
Stewart Bromley

Don’t stop me now

Why Atom is proud to support Startup Weekend Fintech London

Stewart will be taking part in the Atom sponsored Startup Weekend Fintech London, 6-8 May, where entrepreneurs, developers and designers spend a weekend developing their FinTech startup ideas. Join us there and get your ticket now.

A good friend of mine bought me a book titled “Slow” a few years back. Apparently, it’s about the fact that we are constantly trying to speed things up, whereas many activities and experiences are more enjoyable at a slower pace. Trouble is, I’ve never found time to read it!

Of course I understand, and agree with what the author is suggesting. But I know that I’m personally wired to think and act at pace. The digital world gives us the tools to do this and the bar is continually being raised.

Atom believes that customers want decisions from their banks as fast as is practical, and ideally immediately (electronically), during the in app experience. We believe accounts should be opened without the need to complete numerous bits of paper, or visiting a branch, and can be done on your phone. We believe that, when you transact, showing this information as soon as possible in app helps to reassure and give customers certainty. Immediacy, is what we have come to expect.

Like Darwin, we believe that survival is not of the fittest, but of those that can adapt and change. The speed and degree of innovation has never been so great. There are many reasons for this, but in essence, the coming together of the internet, social media and crowdfunding means that anyone, literally anyone, can collaborate to pool knowledge and capabilities, access funding and deliver change.

We have built and launched a bank in a fraction of the time it would have traditionally taken, but we believe in fast and slow. Some things, like security and taking care of people’s money, is serious business and it will take however long it needs. However, we have the ability to build new functionality and features of the App experience at pace.

We also know that, when it comes to innovation, we do not have a monopoly on good ideas, and that if we want to keep pace, we need to tap into talent around the world to co-create. We will publicise APIs in order for people to build solutions independently and to create features we can embed in our own services. We also partner with numerous innovative companies to bring together best-in-breed solutions, which accelerates delivery. Collaboration is at the heart of our business. This isn’t about Atom, but changing banking permanently for the better, for customers.

Atom’s supporting this weekend’s Fintech Start-up event, getting actively involved in bringing talented individuals together to develop ideas over a short but intense period. We’re always on the look-out for ways to join forces with this agile and highly creative community.

When I think back over my career, I feel really lucky to have worked for some amazing brands, with some brilliant people, on some exciting projects, and have had the pleasure to have turned ideas into solutions. However, none has been as exhilarating as Atom … and we have only just started.

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