My name is Cath and I’m an Android user

13 June 2016


Cath Sheldon
Cath Sheldon

My name is Cath and I’m an Android user

Good things, like a fine wine and our Android app, are worth waiting for

In a room full of iPhone devotees it can be challenging to admit you chose Android, but there’s something about my choice that makes me feel a tiny bit like I’m kicking against the machine. “Hey you, iPhone! You’re always nagging me to join your cult. But I’m not going to, I like being different!” It’s my tiny act of rebellion.

Like all good acts of rebellion there’s a cost.

You will be kept waiting for apps. Fact.

You use Android too? Oh, well you’ll know exactly what I mean. That must-have app has hit the Apple Store when it’s still “coming soon” on Google Play.

Why is that? Do developers have favourites and Android isn’t it? Or maybe Android isn’t sexy enough to bother with? So, I asked my colleague in our development team, “Why am I always waiting? Why don’t businesses like Android?”

Turns out businesses do like Android. But the truth is, it’s more complicated to develop and test an app for Android than for iOS and as a result, it takes longer. Businesses don’t always wait for both iOS and Android apps to be ready for release at the same time because they want to get what they’ve done out on the market as soon as possible.

There. That’s the reason in nutshell.

Look away if that’s enough detail for you. Stay with me if you want something a bit more techy.

With Apple, there’s a limited number of handsets and one operating system, which makes an app for the Apple store a more straightforward proposition.

With Android the thing that makes us feel a little different is also the thing that can make developing an app challenging. All those different handsets from all those different manufacturers are all using different versions of the Android operating system. The Marshmallow on my Samsung S6 is different from the Marshmallow on your Moto X. Who knew?

When you’ve got a lot of different handsets and operating systems to test your app on it takes time to get it right.

And that’s what our team here are currently doing. We’re building our Android app, we’re testing it and we’re making sure it’s right.

So hold tight, our app really is “coming soon”. And you know what they say; the best things are worth waiting for.

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