My Name's Cath and I’m now an Atom Android user

28 September 2016


Cath Sheldon
Cath Sheldon

My Name’s Cath and I’m now an Atom Android user

An introduction to our new Android App

Every birthday my Grandmother sends me a cheque. I call her, and thank her. Then I leave the cheque on my fridge door where it stays for months on end. I become blind to it; my only reminder is my Grandmother ringing me each week to ask me if I’ve paid her cheque in. Eventually, some months after my birthday I take myself off to the bank and pay it in.

Why do I leave it so long? Is it because I am independently wealthy and have no need for my Grandmother’s kind gift? I wish.

Nope. It’s because I find banking utterly dull and inconvenient. My bank’s branch isn’t where I want it to be, and it’s not open when I want. It’s a total pain which I avoid doing for as long as I possibly can.

Anything that cuts out this sort of banking shenanigans is a great thing and should be celebrated. Looking after my money should be simple and, dare I say it, convenient and at Atom we’ve made another step towards this with the release of our Android app. We might not have sorted out the problem of my Grandmother’s cheque just yet, but we are working on it. In the meantime here are four App features to get you going:

Logging on with a selfie

Passwords, how very quaint and let’s be honest, there’s too many to remember these days. So logging on with your face or voice isn’t just clever, it’s damn convenient too. And yes, it’s safe because it’s part of a mix of security features, some of which we can tell you about, and some we can’t, that’ll help keep you safe. Security is a serious business, but this bit is actually pretty fun.

It’s personal

It’s my money, so why shouldn’t it be my bank? With our App you can name your own bank (but nothing rude!). I can call it “Cath’s bank” or something quirky like “El Capitano’s Bank”.

From download to Fixed Saver account in under 10 minutes

Setting up a new savings account has been a bit of a nuisance in the past. We’ve cut out the paperwork and the unnecessary visits to the branch. You can now set up a Fixed Saver Account safely and securely all on our App, all from the comfort of your sofa, or wherever you are.

Show me the money

Ever set up an account and you’re give an “illustrative” example of what you might earn from a predetermined deposit? Why would I want to know how much I’d earn on £1,000 if I’m not depositing that amount? Forget that nonsense. You’ll see in pounds and pence, as well as percentage, what you’ll earn from your savings, whether that’s yearly or monthly. No generalisations, just the information that you need and care about.

We’ve had a drink or two to wet the head of our new Android App and we’re straight back to work on the next update and the small matter of the current account. This is just the start.