The new App release-version 1.2.4

26 October 2016


Nick Wiles
Nick Wiles

The new App release-version 1.2.4

An update on the latest version of our app

Well, folks. It’s arrived, and we’re proud to introduce the latest version of our App, 1.2.4, jam-packed with feedback-driven updates. We have kept the good stuff and revamped other bits, chopped unnecessary information, removed bugs and made the whole thing altogether slicker. Here’s to you for all your feedback.

Making things clearer

You’ll see some changes in the Portal, where you used to find your Settings, Vault and more. Now, you’ll still find Settings and Vault, but without the clutter, because who wants that? It’s now easier to retrieve documents from the Vault. You’ll also notice more white icons so things are all the more clear. We’re looking at possible colour options for these in future, but for now we’ve thrown them all into the mix for good measure.

We’ve improved the contrast on our buttons so they really pop out, and we’ve added a subtle colour change when a button is pressed so you know the App is responding to you. We have by no means drawn a line under this; we’re working on sound and haptic feedback too, as well as accessibility.

We’ve cut down the ‘jiggle’ to make sure you can focus on the important stuff: what used to be constantly-moving backgrounds now settle after around 3 seconds. If you liked that, though, fear not; we hope to have this as an option in future, allowing for even more personalisation.

The Portal

Shortening A to B

You wanted more familiar “Back” and “Close” buttons, and we’ve listened. We’ve tweaked how they work so they’re more in line with other apps, improving navigation throughout. Furthermore, whenever you change settings, you’ll now see a confirmation lozenge to reassure you that your preference will be saved.

We’ve seen that a lot of customers go into the Portal in search of the logout button. So we’ve added another logout button here to make it easier and quicker for you to logout.

Thanks for coming with us on this journey. Bit by bit we’re building your bank, and we’re listening to what you say. We’re itching to get new stuff out to you, and more is on the way: if you can wait, it’ll be worth it.