What a year!

20 December 2016

Inside Atom

Mark Mullen
Mark Mullen

What a year

Here’s a round up of what you’ve helped us do in 2016

2016 has been an eventful year on many fronts for Atom. We’ve had our highs and lows, like any new business, but I’m proud to say we’ve launched the UK’s first app-based bank and are hugely excited about welcoming savings, business and mortgage customers onboard.

For a quick recap, pour yourself a mulled wine and press play. Cheers!

We’ve shaken up your App for Christmas

App screen

We set out on a mission to change banking for the better, but we can’t do that without you. The interest and support you’ve shown us over this year means a lot, so thank you. We’re only at the start though, so stick with us, there’s lots more to come. We’ve been busy building our current account and whilst we’re not quite ready to go yet, we’re not far away from testing our first debit card and getting things ready for a beta launch.

Enjoy Christmas and the New Year, Mark