Breaking the chains

28 February 2017

Inside Atom

Michael Sherwood
Michael Sherwood

A couple of months ago, I was invited to an awards gig in London to celebrate the very best talent that the European Contact Centre industry has to offer. With my bib and tucker organised, I booked into a hotel. It wasn’t hugely expensive, but London being London, it certainly wasn’t cheap. TripAdvisor gave it mixed ratings, but I was confident the place would do for the night and I set off ready to party.

Upon arrival the hotel looked great. The recently refurbished reception was nice and modern and there was a beautiful huge crystal chandelier hanging from the Georgian ceiling rose. Settling into my room and starting to get ready, I unpacked my stuff, polished my shoes and was about to press my shirt when I realised that there were no ironing facilities. Not one to panic, I headed to reception and asked for an iron and ironing board.

I was given an iron, but told to head to the basement because ironing boards were ‘communal’. I popped down where, as promised, I found the ironing board. Problem was, it was chained to the wall.

Shirt freshly ironed, I attended the gig. It was a triumph of a night in which Atom bank won an award.

The next day, feeling a little tired and emotional, I popped a post on LinkedIn about the ironing board in chains. Little did I know that this post would attract over 3.5 million views worldwide, 5.5k likes and over 2.5k comments.

Ironing board chained up

So, what was all the fuss about? Why so much interest? It obviously struck a chord. Ironing boards matter, right? If you’re staying in a hotel, chances are you’ll need to iron something; to have one chained to a wall in the basement is both inconvenient and more than a bit odd.

I guess the ironing board in chains highlights just how important it is to spend time understanding what matters most to your customers. When you find yourself chaining an ironing board to a wall you’ve clearly lost sight of this.

Here at Atom, we are passionate about finding out what matters most to you, our customers, and using the latest technology to meet those needs.

If you’d like to tell us what really matters to you, why not get involved with our Customer Panel? Simply drop us an email with your contact details at Together, we might not be able to free the world’s ironing boards, but we can certainly change banking for the better.