The North, the journey and the future

24 May 2017


Leigh Peacock-Goodwin
Leigh Peacock-Goodwin

Our CEO kicked off this year’s Thinking Digital Conference talking about the Atom journey so far, the brilliance of the North (of England, not Game of Thrones) and the future


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  1. Angel of the North (East) We raised £3m to start building our bank, with the aim of building it in the North East. Why? Because our local investors wanted to create prosperity in the region. And a large chunk of our investment has been spent here.

  2. Location, location, Location We know it, but some people just haven’t caught on (or caught up)… outstanding talent isn’t just restricted to London. We’ve employed an extremely talented, qualified and creative team in the North East.

  3. Don’t look back in anger Obsolescence is a constant threat to what you do in the future. Be brave enough to get rid of the past to build the right future.

  4. The single life Atom’s built a business model to serve and focus on a single advantage, cost. We’ve started with this attitude and not grown into it, which is difficult and has been at times painful, but it’s the only way to do it.

  5. Don’t bark at passing cars Have a plan. Believe it. Follow it. Don’t be swayed by what other people are doing, concentrate on your goals.

  6. It’s better to have a hole than an ars**ole Having the patience to recruit the right people is the one of the most decisive decisions you can make.