Biometric improvements

01 June 2018


James Palmer
James Palmer

As a team of user experience designers, we want to push the best ideas we can and use the latest tech when it comes to the features of our app. We also believe our onboarding experience should be as secure and as seamless as possible.

Login screen

We want to help our customers to complete the things that are necessary with as little effort as possible. So, when we require a customer to do 3 things on the trot that are pretty important, like registering their security details, we want to make sure they can do it right first time. When we launched the app, we were the first to offer Face ID and Voice ID as standard as well as the traditional Passcode.

The beauty of it was that customers didn’t need a really expensive device to do this. They take a selfie and record a specific phrase to make their app secure and recognise it’s them, and only them.

Voice Id Screen

With all things tech, especially new tech, it’s filled with its challenges and wrinkles to iron out. We continue to strive to make our processes better by reducing the places that people could get stuck, all with help from our customer panel. As such, we’ve improved the biometric registration of our app to give more helpful feedback to the customer to know; when they’re in a dark room, that their facial features need to fit in a certain area, or even when their voice recording was too loud or quiet, among other things.

Local Checks

This helps us to ensure that we can have better quality security data on our customers so we can securely recognise it’s them.

But as a team, we don’t stop there, we continue to improve and continue to scrutinise our customers’ ability to successfully register and login.

With data, time, analytics and by observing customers’ behaviours, we can iron out more and more wrinkles and improve our app experience.