How we’ve built the bank with our customers

01 March 2018

Inside Atom

Liam Dexter
Liam Dexter

Our Customer Panel is integral to our business. You, our customers, are part of the reason we’re in the top 25 of LinkedIn’s Top Companies (Startups) list.

It’s almost been a year since we launched our Customer Panel – a platform where you tell us what really matters to you, through your smartphone, tablet or on a phone call.

We started 12 months ago with our savings and mortgage customers, and we’re planning to roll it out to our business banking customers and offer a Partner Panel to our brokers soon. Since we started, we’ve seen more than 150 of you take part in the remote testing of our app. All our participants had the opportunity to get early access to our processes for applying for, or managing, Atom bank accounts plus you get a sneak peek at our new app designs too.

So how does it all work? Well, we send out links to prototypes of our app, then we give you a task, and ask you a couple of questions to gauge how well you think our app and the process has performed (we’ll tell you more about that another time).

Then you tell us what you think works and what doesn’t and we collate all the feedback and iterate our design, to give you the best possible experience we can.

Over the last year, the feedback from our panel has improved a number of our app journeys (these are the separate screens that make up a whole process like opening an account). Journeys that have been reviewed by the panel so far have included the mortgage offer acceptance process (which we’re releasing soon) and the Fixed Saver maturity and application journey.

We’ve got an amazing year ahead, with loads of opportunities to take a look behind the scenes at Atom and get your hands on our app prototypes before they are released to everyone else.

We’d love you to join our panel and help shape our future together.

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