Our first Hackathon: signalling a change in gear

22 May 2018


Gill Teasdale
Gill Teasdale

On 22/23 May we’re hosting our first Hackathon at Atom HQ.

Durham University and Google will be joining us to ensure everything runs smoothly - taking time out of busy schedules is a luxury, so it’s important everyone has an enjoyable and productive time. Ideally, we’ll come up with some creative solutions to business problems that we can take forward for development.

This Hackathon is just the start of our drive to create simple solutions that will have a big impact on how we function as a business, and how we drive our technology solutions using data. Over the next year, we’ve got some exciting changes up our sleeve.

What we’re planning

We’re modernising our technology stack and shifting to a more Agile approach to problem solving and solution development. We’ve created an Agile team that will focus on two main areas of quick-fix change:

The first area we need to address is the number of small niggles that annoy our customers. Our Customer Panel provides us with first-class feedback with which we can vastly improve both our app and our customer-facing processes.The second is making sure that our processes are as digitised as possible so we can continue to grow, some of these are big strategic changes but some of them are much smaller and we can create velocity around them more quickly. If we automate these sooner rather than later, we’ll save ourselves a lot of effort in the long run.

The Agile team will have ring-fenced resources and will work alongside existing strategic and small change portfolios via a simple triage process. This will ensure that change requests are directed to the right team and given the right level of priority. It’s a big task, and there will be lots more exciting developments as we collaborate with different departments on this.

We’re planning on rolling out more Hackathons in the near future - keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to get involved!