Our latest app release - everything you need to know

12 October 2018


Liam Dexter
Liam Dexter

We’re always looking for ways to make our app easier to use.

In our latest release, we’ve focused in on the Fixed Saver application process. After gathering and processing feedback from our customers, we made a number of changes designed to make opening an account with us smoother and simpler.

Here are the three key changes we made, and how they’ll make things better.

  1. Ability to browse accounts before registering on the app

Previously, you had to register on the app before being able to browse our accounts. A number of our customers found this frustrating as you had to go through the process of registering without being able to view our accounts and rates.

This app release changes all that so that you can now browse our savings account options before registering. Now, if you find an account you like before registration and want to open one, you’ll be taken to registration as part of your application, so it now feels like one journey.

  1. Improved application overview We’ve also added some overview screens to the Fixed Saver application process.

Previously, all users saw before starting the application process was an overview of their chosen account features. We’ve rejigged this and added a number of screens that explain how the application process works, so that customers are super clear on what they have to do to open an account with us.

You can see the changes for yourself in the video below.

  1. Clear instructions for data input

For some parts of the Fixed Saver application, we need people to enter their information in a set format. For example, birth dates need to be in the format of dd/mm/yyyy.

In the latest release, we call out these set formats more obviously. If we need you to enter your details in a particular format, we show that format to you as you’re entering things into the app. This makes it easier for customers to complete applications correctly and avoids frustrating requests for people to re-enter information after submitting.