You talk, we listen: How we work with customers to make what really matters better.

01 June 2018

Inside Atom

Michael Sherwood
Michael Sherwood

Our latest app release has two significant improvements based upon feedback from our customers.

We’re introducing a new feature that gives instant feedback on the quality of your biometric sample when first registering and a better way to accept a mortgage offer.

You can read about them in more detail here.

Since we launched in April 2016, customer feedback has been central to our development and to date, we’ve made over 100 changes based on customer suggestions, including improvements to speed, ease of use and stability.

Given that your opinions are so important to us, we thought we’d talk about how we use them to keep getting better. There’s plenty of opportunity for you to get involved - we’ll go into that later on in the blog too.

How do we gather our feedback?

We’re obsessed about improving our app, which is why we collect feedback from a range of different sources.

One area we spend loads of time on is understanding why, when and how often people get in touch with our contact centre. Obviously, they would rather spend their time doing something a bit more exciting than chatting with our (friendly, polite and all-round amazing) customer support agents, so when customers do feel like they need to get in touch, it’s often because something’s not quite right. If we get multiple calls about the same issue it’s a sure sign something needs to change.

We also look at:

  • Feedback we get via the iOS and Google Play App stores
  • Information customers leave on our social media pages
  • Comments left via feedback tabs on our websites
  • Feedback obtained through the Portal section in the app.

We also actively seek customer opinion by sending out surveys, and review comments left on forums and review sites such as Trustpilot and Reevoo.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we look at any app-related complaints we’ve received. When we incorporate these with other customer feedback, we get a really detailed picture of what we need to focus on.

How we act on your suggestions

Once we’ve analysed the feedback, we talk through any potential changes and agree a list of priorities based on the impact we think they will have on the customer experience.

Next, we work with our developers and tech teams to make sure any changes are doable. Our app design teams then create a prototype and once built, they test the new designs with our Customer Panel.

Our Customer Panel plays a key role in the development of our app and are a group of real customers (not professional survey-takers that get paid to test changes for lots of other companies) that test any changes we’re looking to make because they want to help us change banking for good.

After the panel have done their stuff and we know what we need to work on, our techies code the changes, we schedule a new app release and the process starts over.

If you’re interested in helping us provide our customers with the best experience possible, you can join our Customer Panel here. You’ll get a sneak peek of any future app changes we make and our eternal gratitude for your time and opinions.

There’s plenty more app changes coming soon, so now’s the perfect time to jump aboard.