Home is where the heart is

04 October 2019


Clare Framrose
Clare Framrose

We’re different. We build our products with you, our customers at the centre, which means our mortgage journey works for you. Clare, our Head of Personal Banking, explains how.

People in the UK are obsessed with home ownership. We refuse to let the harsh realities of the property ladder deter us. We’re British, so we’ll pull our socks up and rise to that challenge, because we need our own little piece of land.

We love our homes, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But if this is true, why does it feel as though mortgages are designed without a second thought to customers? Why do banks make mortgages so complex and use so much jargon? And why don’t they understand that a mortgage is just a means to an end?

It’s no secret that customers struggle to understand the mortgage journey, with First Time Buyers being more deeply affected than anyone. All you want to do is buy a house – and suddenly you have to learn a new language so you can talk to brokers, valuers and conveyancers. And then there’s the bank – reviewing your credit score, poring over every detail of your life and judging you on the cost of your haircut and how many takeaways you eat each month.

Designing a mortgage journey that works for you requires skill, empathy and commitment. I stand in your shoes, I try to understand how you feel, what you think, what worries you and what could make this easier.

So we’ve developed mortgages that make sense. We use language you’ll understand, we don’t have any hidden fees and we walk you through step-by-step, telling you what’s coming next, reassuring you and updating you as we go, so it feels easy and comfortable.

I want buying your first home to be one of the most exciting, exhilarating and perfect moments of your life, so I focus on the things that matter. And you matter. Which means I also listen to your feedback and incorporate it in the ongoing development of our mortgages.

And every time one of our First Time Buyers gets their keys, I can celebrate. Because there’s no place like home.