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Fabulous Atom Questions

We've collected all the questions people have been asking, and some that people haven't asked us yet but we wish they had. If you've got a question we haven't answered yet, let us know.

About Atom

What is Atom?

Atom’s an app based bank: we don’t have any branches and we don’t act like the banks of old. We’re transparent, innovative, low-cost and put customers at the heart of everything we do. We use biometric security: face and voice recognition to log-in to our App. Everyone who joins Atom is given their own unique personalised brand. Put simply, they get to name their own bank, have their own logo,  finished off with their own colour palette for the App. Our low cost model allows our customers to reap the benefits with better rates and overall value. Just one look at our App and you’ll see why we’re the future of banking.

How are you different?

Everything we do is different. We'll offer an app-based experience like no other, using leading technology. The digital world is constantly changing and Atom will be changing banking too. Oh, and we don't have branches.

Where are you based?

We're everywhere. In your hand, your pocket, down the back of the sofa - wherever your phone is.  Physically, we're based in Durham. It's lovely here. We're getting to know our neighbours and hope to be part of the community for years to come.

Who owns Atom?

Atom is a privately owned company with a broad shareholder base, including BBVA, Woodford Investment Management and Toscafund Asset Management. Without the support of our investors, we would not be able to bring you Atom.

What career opportunities do you have?

We’re looking for interesting and passionate people with an entrepreneurial spirit to help us turn our vision into a reality. If you're interested in joining us, find out more here.


Are you for real?

Yes. We're building something that people have been wanting for years. It's about time banking changed.

Do you plan to incentivise people to switch?

No. We want to do things differently to the rest of the banking industry and we don’t want to get into a bidding war with other providers. In addition, these incentives are typically clawed back somehow - they’re another cost that ultimately has to be paid for by customers. We believe the value for money and great experience our customers will get, will make it worthwhile for them to switch.

Will you introduce Touch ID / Fingerprint recognition?

Yes, for sure. At Atom we love to give you a chance to personalise your bank especially when it makes your journey easier. Because of this we’ll be introducing fingerprint recognition in the near future. Once we’ve done that you’ll have three types of biometric ID to choose from, but you’ll only need to register for two of them. We’ll always ask you to create a six-digit passcode though.

Why should I change banks?

We'll offer an entirely new experience that makes banking speedy and convenient, wherever you are and whenever you want. We'll be bringing banking to you and we'll be looking out for your best interests. Sound unfamiliar?

Why do we use biometrics?

Essentially it’s to keep your account really safe.  We’ve done away with passwords, cyphers and those little bits of plastic that are so easily lost, and taken your security to the next level. But that doesn’t mean it’s complicated, in fact it’s quite the opposite. Our biometric security uses your voice and face to access your account, and we’ve added a passcode into the mix too, just to be doubly safe. This multi-tiered approach allows us to keep your account very secure, but at the same time incredibly easy to access for you. In certain circumstances you may need to use multiple login options to access certain functions, but our biometric approach really speeds this up, after all, it’s much easier to take a selfie or read a phrase aloud, than try to remember a complicated number sequence or the name of your mum’s best friend’s pet python.

Who is an average Atom customer?

Anyone and everyone, as long as you’re a UK resident. In fact, if you have a smartphone or tablet, you’re in! Our aim is to make banking easy and enjoyable for all.

Where's my nearest branch?

On your nearest tree.  We don't have high street branches because they're unnecessary, no one wants to visit them and no one likes queuing. You can do all of your banking on your phone, wherever you like, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Will your products be listed on comparison sites?

Yes, they are now! We’ve opened our Fixed Saver product to everyone and you’ll be seeing us on comparison sites.

How will I know when you're open for business?

The doors are now wide open to anyone interested in savings accounts and small business loans. For everything else, sign up to our emails and we’ll make sure you’re the first to know.

How it works

Will you support all mobile platforms?

You can use our app on most Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. For a full list of supported devices, click here.

Can I access my account on multiple devices?

You can now access your accounts on more than one device. Simply download the app on your other devices and tap "Already Registered", verify your identity and you're in. Simple.

Can I open an account if I don’t live in the UK?

Our products and services are available to you if you've downloaded the UK version of the App from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You may still be able to use our App if you’re temporarily overseas, but you could have difficulties installing updates. However there are some countries where the Atom App won’t work at all.

How do I log out?

There are two places in your App where you can log out, and the first is in the Portal. Simply tap the small black circle in the bottom right corner of your screen, then press the log out button. You’ll find the second option behind your personal Atom ‘A’ logo. To access simply tap your ‘A’, then press the log out button. Couldn’t be easier.

How old do I have to be to open an account?

You need to be at least 18 years old and have downloaded the UK version of the App. Once you’ve downloaded our App, received your invitation code, provided your biometric data, and been verified by our electronic verification (eID&V) process, you can go ahead and open an account within the App.

Can I open an account by post or through the website?

We’re an App-based bank, and because of this you’ll be unable to open an account without our App. This isn’t to say that we won’t release a computer-based App in the future, however it does mean that right now you’ll require a smartphone to open an account with us.

What happens when an account holder dies?

When a loved one dies, dealing with their finances is probably the last of your worries. At Atom we do everything we can to make the process as stress-free as possible.
When you get in touch we’ll ask you to send us a certified copy of the death certificate. If you’re not an Atom customer, we’ll need to check your ID - your passport or driving licence will be ideal. If possible, please have  any account numbers to hand when you call us, as this will allow us to quickly trace the accounts and get things started for you.
If you have any further questions about our bereavement process, simply call us on 0333 399 0050, lines are open 24/7.

Where can I find my account number and sort code?

You’ll find all the info you need about your bank account, such as account number, sort code and recent transactions, on the account page of your App. Simply tap on the account you want to learn more about and the page will expand. Then tap again to reveal even more info on the specific account.

Why do you need my bank details?

At Atom we only ever ask for info we need, and the reason we request your bank details is so we can carry out an ID check, not to check your credit. However before completing this step it’s a good idea to check that your bank is happy to share your account info, as this’ll help prevent you from being unexpectedly declined.

Why have I been declined?

As we run a series of different checks there could be a few reasons why you’re unable to open an account. For example: the length of time at your current address; if you’re on the electoral register; or whether your data has been matched at credit agencies. Please ensure that the details you provide us with are correct and up to date, and that the bank details you’ve given us are from a UK current account in your name.

Why do you need access to my camera and microphone?

We use biometric security, including voice and face recognition to keep your account safe and secure. But we can’t do that unless we access your camera and microphone. We don’t store any snaps of you or recordings of your beautiful voice, so please don’t worry about that either.

How do I open an account?

Simply download the App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and you could open an account in a matter of minutes, all from the comfort of your own sofa! Head to the App home page, where you’ll find a smarti in the bottom right of the screen. Tap this and you’ll be transported to a screen offering different types of accounts. After selecting the type that you want to open, you’ll be shown some important info on the nature and specific details of the account. Once you’ve read over these you can progress to the T&Cs. As you’ll see, our T&Cs don’t load in their entirety to begin with, however by tapping the expand button you can read the full version of them. After accepting these you’ll be sent to a page that looks very similar; this page contains the FSCS guarantee and is similar to our own, however we recommend you read these properly as they’re important.We’ll then need you to give us a few bits of info so that we can carry out an ID check.

Why can't you verify my address?

It could be to do with the format of your address. To double check that the format’s okay, simply go to the Royal Mail website and enter your postcode. The website will display your address correctly, so all you need do is copy that when you log in.

What documents will I need?

To apply for an account, you don't need any paper documents. We verify your identity electronically through the app. If we do need any more bits of info, we'll always try to keep it to an absolute minimum.

What support is available to customers?

With Atom, customers can do all of their banking within the App. However, on those odd occasions where they need some help or support, they can contact our Customer Support Team 24/7. Customers can get in touch over the phone, chat to us in the App, email us or connect with us via Twitter.

How do I access my money?

We're working on making this as easy as tying your shoelaces, but don’t worry we have all of the regular payment services you'd expect of a digital bank.

If you don't have a branch, how do I get help?

We'll have a team of people based in Durham who will be there 24/7, ready to chat to you and sort out any problems you may have.

How to complain

Drop us  a note and we’ll do all we can to resolve your complaint by the end of the next business day. If we can't do this, we’ll do one of two things:
  • We'll either contact you within three working days to tell you what we've done to resolve the issue, or
  • Acknowledge your complaint and let you know when you can expect a full response.

The best way to get in touch is email. Drop a line to customersupport@atombank.co.uk. We’ll acknowledge your email within four hours of its receipt.

If you’ve got our app, log in, click on the help button and you can chat to us straightaway.

If you’d prefer to send a letter, our address is: 
PO Box 105, 
NE24 9DU

If we haven’t given you a resolution within eight weeks, or you’re unhappy with our decision to close your complaint, the Financial Ombudsman Service is at hand. You can find all their contact details on this page.

Security & Privacy

Do I have to register with a photo of myself?

No, we don’t need a photograph as we’re actually registering a biometric reference to the customer’s face and voice. These are stored securely as a series of numbers, not as an image or an audio file. Each time you log in we check for likeness of the latest algorithm to the one we have stored. If it passes the checks, you can access the App.

How can you ensure the security of customer details via the App?

Customer security is vital to our services. As a result, we don’t store customer data on the App. When you log in, a secure connection is made with our servers and your data is downloaded as required. When you logout or your session ends due to a timeout, any changes are updated on the servers and then the data is automatically removed from the device.

When you first set up an account, you do so using biometric validation, and this allows us to create a unique VoiceID, FaceID and passcode for you. From then on, every time you want to log in to your account, you have to use one of these methods. Once you’re in the App, you also need to use your biometric profile to do certain things, for example, the more significant a transaction, the more biometric checkpoints you need to run through. 

You can also be assured that our App uses appropriate cryptographic technology to ensure the movement of information between your phone and our secure data centre is always protected. In addition, all personal data that we hold is fully encrypted to secure your information.

How safe is my money?

You can rest assured you're in safe hands. You will be covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, which means that your deposits will be covered up to £85,000.

Does anything affect how I use the app?

A few things. First and foremost, you need a smartphone, and secondly you'll need a minimum of 3G to browse the app, unless you're using wifi of course.