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Laurel Powers-Freeling | Atom
Laurel Powers-Freeling
Senior Independent Director

Having spent 30 years in banking and insurance, my role as the Senior Independent Director and designated "Customer Champion" is a bit like being the 'Spirit of Christmas Past' in A Christmas Carol ... reminding us of the mistakes made by bankers back in the day (which I experienced firsthand) that we must avoid ... as well as cheerleading for a very, very different future!

Name one thing you can't live without

Music. I love everything from Louis Couperin to Bill Evans; everything in life should have background music.

What was your first job?

Saturday switchboard operator at JL Hudson's Department Store during high school (it was the old plug-in cord type ... and I did the 'Shopper Specials Announcements' too!).

What's your favourite gadget?

Pebble Smart Watch. Everybody should have one.