9 things worth saving for with our 9 Month Fixed Saver

09 November 2022


Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith
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If you couldn’t tell by the title, we’re all a little bit obsessed with the number nine at the minute. Why? Because we’ve launched our brand new 9 Month Fixed Saver of course!

While we’re obviously over the moon to get our new product out in the world, we genuinely do believe that nine months has a bit of magic to it. It sits just right in a sweet spot: you get a better rate than a 6 Month Saver but without the need to lock funds away for 12 months or more. It really is the Goldilocks of our shorter term Fixed Savers!

To celebrate, we’ve put together a list of some of the things that you could save for with a 9 Month Fixed Saver. So, settle in and picture where you want to be in 274 days time — do any of these ideas tickle your fancy?

A deposit for a home

Thinking of buying your first home in 2023? If you’ve got a lump sum that you’d like to put towards that all important mortgage deposit, our 9 Month Fixed Saver is a great place to nurture it without having to commit to a longer term.

A dream holiday

If you’re planning to chase some late sun next summer, a 9 Month Fixed Saver will keep your holiday funds nicely warmed up so you’re not tempted to spend them before you jet off. Once you’ve opened an account, you can relax and choose your destination.

A new year at university

Wanting to save money ahead of the next uni year? Whether you’re a first-time fresher or a veteran who’s seen it all, putting funds away now so that you’re not scraping for cash later is a great idea. And, our 9 Month Fixed Saver will mature before September.

A little bundle of joy

Planning on welcoming a little one to the family next year? A 9 Month Fixed Saver is the perfect term length for putting some money away to help with your new arrival. You can watch your funds grow in anticipation of your incoming plus one.

An electric car

If you’re aiming to future-proof your transport options over the coming months, putting your money into a 9 Month Fixed Saver is like plugging your funds into a very efficient charger. By the time you want to buy in 2023, your account will be fully charged!

A back to school basket

When September rolls around, kitting the kids out can get expensive once you’ve added those back to school items to your basket. If you want to get ahead, opening one of our 9 Month Fixed Savers now means your funds will mature ahead of the next school year.

A late summer festival

After all the heat has died down, August and September are the perfect months to get yourself to a late summer festival. With one eye on 2023, stick your money in a 9 Month Fixed Saver and it’ll be ready to fund your escapades next year.

A furry friend

Want to welcome a pet to your family but wary of the cost? Those little scamps can be pricey. If you want to plan ahead and put some pounds together first, a 9 Month Fixed Saver can help you save a lump sum without having to lock it away for more than a year.

A festive season to remember

While we still haven’t enjoyed Christmas this year, a 9 Month Fixed Saver is ideal if you have some money right now but want to set it aside for next Christmas. As your funds will mature next summer, it’ll be the perfect timely boost for some festive shopping.

Of course, it’s up to you how you want to save your money. Whether you’ve got something to save for or just want to grow your funds, we’re all about giving you more choice. We’re confident that our 9 Month Fixed Saver will do just that.