Moving home mortgages with Atom

Find out everything you need to know about new purchase mortgages and our range of products below.

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What's a new purchase mortgage?

It’s exactly as it says - a mortgage for buying a new home. When you want to move, you’ll need your shiny new mortgage set up and ready to go.

Why a moving home mortgage might be right for you?

Upgrading, downsizing or relocating? Whatever your reason for moving home, making sure you get a mortgage that’s right for your plans is essential.

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What moving home mortgage options does Atom offer?

These are our current deals but they are subject to change. If you like what you see, contact a broker.

You could lose your home if you don’t keep up your mortgage repayments

How to apply for a moving home mortgage

Are you a new customer?

We only offer our mortgages through independent brokers. Why? It ensures that you’ll get advice on the best deal for you, even if they end up recommending another provider.

Are you a returning customer?

Thanks for thinking of us again with your new home!

It’s probably worth finding out if you can port your existing mortgage (take it with you to your new home).

If your new home’s worth more than your current, you may need to borrow more. To get things moving, you can either speak to the broker you used before or use our find a broker tool below.

Find a broker

Looking for a moving home mortgage? First step is to chat to one of the brokers we work with to ensure Atom is right for you