Mortgages for less-than-perfect credit

What is a Near Prime mortgage?

Many lenders demand a perfect credit score, which can make life difficult when you need a mortgage. A Near Prime mortgage is designed to help you secure a loan when you have a less-than-perfect record.

Am I eligible for a Near Prime mortgage?

Missed a payment, CCJ or default? Our range of mortgage products are now available to even more customers, including those that may find it challenging to secure a loan elsewhere.

So, if you've experienced financial difficulties but are working towards improving your credit, a Near Prime mortgage from Atom may be the perfect route to becoming a homeowner.

How to apply

Speak to a broker now regarding our eligibility criteria and to ensure Atom is right for you

Near Prime mortgage FAQs

Got a question about our Near Prime mortgages? Have a read of our FAQs below or get in touch with us.