Atom Your Identity Your Bank

14 December 2015


Wanting to reflect your individuality is basic human nature. When you buy a new house, you decorate it to make it your own. The clothes we wear, our hair styles, make-up and for some, tattoos tell our story and express our personality. We choose what we share on social media to reflect how we want to be seen by friends and family. Expressing our individuality is an important part of what makes us who we are.

When Atom launches its app in 2016, we want to bring to life our belief that all customers are unique and individual, delivering a personalised experience from the very start. We’ve created 1.4 million Atom marques (what we call our logo), so every customer gets their own marque when they join Atom, unique to them. They’ll also have their own personal colour palette which drives the visual experience they get when they use the app. And customers can call the bank what they want too (within reason!) - Jenny’s bank, Peter’s bank, Anil’s bank.

Chief Marketing Officer, Lisa Wood said: “As a marketer, I’ve heard endless times the phrase ‘every customer is unique’ but when you think about it, hardly any businesses actually reflect this in what they deliver. Most organisations have distinctly formalised identities that don’t change and certainly don’t recognise their customers’ uniqueness. Building a digital bank means we’re not constrained by static imagery, set colour-ways or prescribed ways of behaving. It was important to us that we signalled from the very start that Atom will give you a personalised experience and each customer having their own Atom identity is just one of the ways we’ll be doing this.”

Recognising people are different and don’t conform is an intrinsic part of Atom’s DNA. We want our identity to reflect the fact that all customers are individuals and different. When we began building the bank, we decided we shouldn’t be creating an ‘Atom’ identity, we should instead create a unique identity for each of our customers.

Customers will be able to use their very own identity to log-on to the app, using face and voice biometrics as the way in to the bank. Re-imagining how a bank should be results in a very different banking experience, with the app being built using Unity, a gaming platform, with 3D animation and sound playing its part.

Atom will be launching in 2016.

Editors notes: Atom is a start-up bank, not yet launched, but authorized with restrictions by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the PRA.

Founded over a year ago and based in the City of Durham, Atom has a growing team of 160 people drawn from across the country, working with partners to bring pioneering technology to Europe. Atom is building the UK’s first bank designed specifically for digital, offering easy and convenient banking, along with unique and engaging ways to manage money.

The Atom executive team is highly experienced, having built and run some of the most well-respected banks in the UK. CEO Mark Mullen has 25 years experience in the sector and was previously CEO at the multi-award winning telephone and internet bank first direct.

The team is supported by a strong non-exec board, which includes founder and Chairman Anthony Thomson, also the founder and former Chairman at Metro Bank. He is Chairman of the Financial Services Forum, the UK’s leading membership organisation for senior FS industry executives and Chairman of the National Skills Academy for Financial Services, a national charity.

For more information visit Full details of the extent of our authorisation by the PRA can be found on the Financial Services Register.