How to cope with being cooped up indoors

31 March 2020


Team Atom
Team Atom
A brother and his younger sister are pillow fighting on a bed. There are feathers covering the room as the sister goes to hit her brother

These are challenging times and we’ve had to adapt to a different way of life for the near future.

Here, just a few Atom folk explain how they’ve adapted to staying at home and they share the different ways they’re managing their time, and dealing with the change.

Taking the dog on long walks

Kate Stewart, Digital Marketing Executive

Having group FaceTime sessions with friends and playing group games together.

Keeping to a regular eating schedule and not snacking all day.

Using the time I have spare to do things I actually want to do like taking a long bath or playing that video game I usually don’t have time for.

I’m trying to keep perspective and understand it isn’t forever, it is just for now.

Keeping on top of housework... or at least trying

Sophie Brown, Marketing Executive

Keeping on top of housework (or at least trying), it’s harder as there’s more to do with being at home all the time, but keeping my space fresh and clean is really helping me settle in to staying at home.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Have the extra slice of cake, the extra hour in bed, the cheeky mid-week glass (or bottle) of wine. Don’t feel like you have to get sucked into the ‘self-improvement’ movement happening on Instagram, the most important thing is that we all stay safe and sane at home.

Having long hot baths

Emma Williamson, PR Officer

Joe Wicks the Body Coach – he’s changed my life. I do workout sessions in the evening after I’ve finished work. This is when I’d normally go to the gym, so it feels like the norm :)

Routine, routine, routine. I try to mirror my working day as much as possible.

Rewatching my favourite TV programmes that make me feel good.

Tidy flat, tidy mind.

Listening to podcasts and my fave playlists.

Using that allocated exercise time and going on daily walks.

Eating healthy(ish), I failed miserably for the first few days but getting better and it makes me feel so much better.

Staying connected with friends/family on Houseparty or just messaging them on my phone. Living alone can feel scary but try and enjoy some me time!

Getting out in the garden

Nina Athey, Brand and Communications Manager

I heard that video calls are as effective as real face-to-face time in terms of reducing feelings of isolation. Not sure if it’s true, but it really works for me!

Gardening. It’s quite a future-focused activity, full of hope (hope that you don’t kill another plant, if you’re me!) I’ll be potting all my herbs this week, so if we run out of food I can live on a diet of parsley 😋

Music. I’m having an absolute morning rave in the kitchen (which I would usually have during my commute).