Introducing Hackfest: what is our exciting new collaborative event?

08 July 2024


Atom bank
Atom bank
Atom bank Hackfest 2024 participants

Last month, we hosted our first ever Hackfest, a new collaborative event for the team here at Atom. It was an exciting occasion that brought together talent from all over the business, and it’s fair to say that lots of innovative ideas were shared.

But what exactly is Hackfest and where did the idea come from? Here, we’ll share all of the details and the inspiration behind the event. We’ll also be sharing a follow up blog post that will recap what went on at the 2024 edition.

What is Hackfest?

Hackfest is a two-day innovation festival where participants from all over the business have the opportunity to come together, learn and collaborate.

The teams involved tackle real-world problem statements with an aim to come up with innovative solutions for Atom and its valued customers.

How did Hackfest get started?

Hackfest emerged as a testament to the power of collaborative thinking, teamwork and the relentless pursuit of excellence at Atom bank.

The idea for Hackfest came from Rex Carter, our Payments Business Analyst here at Atom. He was joined in developing the venture by Faizah Rafique, Kath Langlands, Nick Lynch, Russell Collingham and Chris Fretwell.

Meet the organisers behind Hackfest 2024

A key ingredient to Hackfest is bringing together colleagues from across the organisation, both from technology and further afield like Operations and People Experience. Through their unique blend of technical, creative and problem-solving skills; unique and innovative solutions would be produced.

The team presented the idea to Atom’s senior leadership, who swiftly gave the event their backing, empowering the group to make Hackfest a reality. The team got to work right away, pooling their dynamism, expertise and passion for innovation to plan and organise a pioneering event. And so, Hackfest was born!

What benefits can Hackfest unlock?

Unleashing creativity: Hackfest can break boundaries with imagination and innovation, allowing participants to think outside the box and explore new ideas.

Sparking growth: The event can accelerate progress by encouraging rapid ideation and solution development, propelling Atom bank forward.

Technical innovation: Teams had access to the latest technology, maximising AI capabilities and driving cutting-edge advancements.

Challenging the status quo: Participants are empowered to innovate in ways that disrupt and redefine standards, acting as catalysts for positive change to transform banking for good.

Team synergy: Together, teams can achieve outcomes that are unreachable alone, showcasing the power of collaboration and instant feedback loops.

Experimentation: Hackfest enables teams to boldly innovate, experiment with different technologies and understand how they can merge to build a future of endless possibilities.

Limitless potential: The innovations sparked at Hackfest have the potential to drive forward a new era of banking and beyond.

We’ll be publishing a deeper dive into what went on at our inaugural Hackfest soon, so be sure to keep an eye on this blog for more.

Sound like an event you’d love to be a part of? Come work with us! Check out the latest roles available on our careers page today.