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At Atom we’re building products and experiences that help free you up to fully focus on your business.

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What we’ve got planned

We’d like to give you a little look into the future to see what exciting things are on the horizon. Here’s what we’ve got planned, what we’re currently working on, and a list of the improvements we’ve already made.

Cash Flow Forecasting

By creating a tool that provides valuable insights into your cash flow, you can look forward with confidence.

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Financial Health Insights

By utilising transactional and accounting data, we’ll provide you with actionable insights, and allow you to drill down into the numbers for a more detailed financial view.

Unsecured Term Loans

In the future you’ll be able to easily apply for an unsecured loan through our app, and you can get a decision within minutes.

Visualisation of Financial Health

We plan to develop an option that provides you with a snapshot overview of your business’s financial health.

Business Instant Access Savings

We’ll ensure your surplus cash is working hard for you by introducing competitively-priced Instant Access Savings Accounts via our app.

Invoice Discounting

We plan to create a solution that allows quick access to cash tied up in outstanding invoices.

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Working Capital Facility

We aim to provide an on-demand working capital facility to ensure that you can manage day-to-day cash flow fluctuations and long-term obligations.

Loan Marketplace Integration

Where we’re unable to meet your needs, we want to ensure you have access to a wide range of lenders. This will enable us to do just that.

Savings Outbound Payments

We intend to introduce additional outbound payments types from our savings accounts.

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Savings Pots

By creating multiple pots that allow you to stash money away from your main savings balance, we can help you save towards specific goals.

Help us build a better bank

How about sharing your ideas and feedback with us? We’re inviting you to become part of The Kitchen, a close-knit group of like-minded business owners that help test, prove and inform many of the decisions we make. Are you in?

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