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Fixed Saver

Opening a savings account that gives little reward can feel a bit like filling a paddling pool with a teeny tiny toy watering can – it can be frustratingly slow to see any results at all. But, with a Fixed Saver from Atom, you get very competitive rates and you’ll know in advance exactly how much interest you’ll earn on your money.

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Fixed Saver at a glance

Our latest rates

Product Interest Type Rates
1 Year Fixed Saver Annual interest Gross 1.75% AER 1.75% Product Summary
1 Year Fixed Saver (monthly interest) Monthly interest Gross 1.74% AER 1.75% Product Summary
2 Year Fixed Saver Annual interest Gross 1.90% AER 1.90% Product Summary
2 Year Fixed Saver (monthly interest) Monthly interest Gross 1.88% AER 1.90% Product Summary
3 Year Fixed Saver Annual interest Gross 2.05% AER 2.05% Product Summary
3 Year Fixed Saver (monthly interest) Monthly interest Gross 2.03% AER 2.05% Product Summary
5 Year Fixed Saver Annual interest Gross 2.40% AER 2.40% Product Summary
5 Year Fixed Saver (monthly interest) Monthly interest Gross 2.37% AER 2.40% Product Summary

3 steps to saving

1. Download the Atom app

2. Choose your product and save

3. Pass through our in-app security checks

About Atom

How on earth do Atom offer such brilliant rates?!” It’s a question we get asked a lot, and the answer’s pretty simple. Atom is the UK’s first bank built exclusively for mobile. We don’t have branches, so we don’t spend our cash on those fiddly pens on chains or those paper cups that only hold a thimble of water. 

Because we have less overheads, we can pass the savings onto you. It’s that straightforward. We want to make banking easier, more transparent and better value for customers.  

We’re fully licensed by the FCA and PRA, so you can rest assured, we’re the real deal. 

Any questions? Well, we’ve got actual humans based at our HQ in Durham to help you on the phone, 24/7, 365 days a year. Or you can use live chat in the app or even Twitter, whichever you prefer.

We've got your back

We’re safe and secure – and your money and data will be safe and secure with Atom.

Anything up to the value of £85,000 is protected by the FSCS and we keep your data secure behind a wall of state-of-the-art biometric security. You can only access your accounts with your voice, a scan of your face, or via a unique six-digit passcode. We map your face and scramble this into data, so it’s just letters and numbers; not even a real image. 

Looking after customers is our number one priority.

More about our Fixed Saver

  • Multiple accounts – open as many Fixed Saver accounts as you like, up to our maximum balance of £100,000 across all accounts
  • One week deposit window – once your account is open you’ve got until 9pm on the same day the following week to add your funds
  • Window of opportunity – when the deposit window has closed, we can’t accept any further deposits for that account
  • It’s easy to fund an account – deposits can be made by electronic transfer from another bank or building society
  • No going back – because this is a Fixed Saver, there’s no cooling off period on this account
  • Helpful reminders – we’ll give you a nudge when your fixed rate period is about to end
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What do people think of us?

Here are just some of our independent reviews from Reevoo.com:

Amazed that a technophobe like me could set my account up easily using the app. Obviously very well designed - 10/10” Confirmed Purchaser (20.40.17)

The app is very very straight forward - 8/10Ian, London (26.04.17)

Atom’s security is first class with face ID, voice recognition and security number - 10/10Stephen, Oswestry (27.04.17)

Brilliant for setting up. The team are great and answered all my questions - 10/10Zena, Newcastle (20.04.17)

Like the sound of a Fixed Saver?

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*AER means annual equivalent rate and is designed to make it easy for you to compare savings products. It tells you how much interest you’d earn if you put some money in an account and left it there for a full year. It takes account of things like how often the interest is paid and assumes any interest paid during that year is added to the balance and earns interest.