Instant Saver

We've made saving simple.
  • Open a savings account with £0
  • Unlimited withdrawals
  • 24/7 access to your cash from the app

What's the Instant Saver interest rate?

0.50% AER/GrossSee how much interest you can earn from an instant access savings account.

Instant SaverMonthly
Earns You
per annum*

* This is the estimated total interest based on our gross rates that you will earn over 12 months if you deposit on the day of opening. The estimate also assumes you don’t make any further deposits or withdrawals in 12 months, and interest is paid directly into the account.

Ready. Set. Save.

Get ready to save with our new Instant Saver. Here’s why you need an instant access savings account in your life...

Set up in minutes

Open your Instant Saver account in-app, in minutes and start saving whenever it suits you.

Instant means instant

Withdraw or add money instantly, as many times as you like. You just need to connect a UK current account in your name to get started.

Ready 24/7

Our savings app means your savings are with you 24/7, whenever you need them.

How your Instant Saver account works

Open in-app

Download our app and open your Instant Saver account.

Connect your current account

To deposit or withdraw money whenever you want, however many times you want.

Get saving

You don’t need to make a deposit straight away, you decide when. Once your first penny hits your account, you’ll start earning monthly interest.

Got a question?

Check out our most popular Instant Saver Frequently Asked Questions below, or kick back and read our Instant Saver T&Cs.

If you have any other questions about our Instant Saver, or want to find out more about Atom bank, head to our FAQs page.

To speak to a member of our team, jump into the app - they're here everyday, 8am to 8pm, ready to help.

Things to remember

Connected account

Link your UK current account (which must be in your name and registered at your address) to your Instant Saver to transfer money in and out of your account whenever you want.

We'll keep you updated

View your transactions in real time, know exactly when your statements are ready, and forget faffy paperwork, everything’s in the app.

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